Legacy Film


‘Legacy’ has travelled an unusual road to date. It hasn’t had the development cycle that most feature films usually would. At the time the project was presented to Tony Prescott, the project was quite far from being a feature film. His intuition when reading Ian Davis’ email, and the corresponding article Ian had written in the ‘The Age’, made Tony realise that there was a much larger story at play. One that transcends the original, somewhat simple brief Ian gave to simply follow his and Scott’s 1000km ride from Brisbane to Sydney and to document their time on the road.

Given that there was less than three months to the “Million Metres Ride” at the time I came onboard, we had to improvise to a degree to make sure we were production-ready when the time came to embark on the journey with Scott and Ian. In addition to conceptualising the story, we had to raise funds, and raise them quickly. Traditional funding avenues weren’t available to us given the limited time to develop and at the time of confirming the project, upcoming Screen Australia and Screen NSW funding deadlines weren’t within reach. So we turned to Pozible, which is an Australian Crowdfunding website. It’s a postmodern notion- presenting a proposal or idea to the greater web community in the hopes that it will spark people’s interest and spur them to donate to a project that they think worthwhile. In the case of ‘Legacy’ it certainly did – the Pozible fundraising campaign was a great success. In 21 days, our ‘Legacy’ fundraiser raised almost $67,000.

The Pozible funds, coupled with additional privately secured finances, meant we could commence Production on the film. Following an incredible 24 day shoot between the MND Million Metres Ride and additional photography, we completed filming for ‘Legacy’. The remainder of the funds allowed us to get the film as far as a rough cut. It is this rough cut that we are presenting here in the hopes of attaining Post Production funding to finish this film.

‘Legacy’ is a universal story. Though it is specific in its subject matter focusing on a particular disease, it does raise universal questions. Such questions regarding one’s mortality - whether we’re making the most of our limited time. These are the questions we hope to address in the film in addition to raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease. Though awareness is less tangible than physical funds, we feel that both are equally important. Awareness may not necessarily yield immediate results, but hopefully in time as more become aware of Motor Neurone Disease, it may lead to greater research and eventually a cure. The way we see to achieve this is to make a compelling film about two brave men that will reach the corners of the globe.

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